YouTube Video Downloader 1080p

Many people turn to YouTube when they need to watch a high-definition video or a full-length movie. Everyone loves watching YouTube videos in 1080p because it has a higher resolution than standard definition (SD). However, YouTube 1080p videos are inaccessible to those with unreliable or slow internet connections. Now, we will explain step by step how to download YouTube videos in 1080p format on Mac and Windows. Get the best 1080p YouTube downloader here.

  1. YTBvideoly (online tool)

YTBvideoly YouTube Video Downloader is one of the most popular YouTube to mp4 converters. This program not only allows you to save YouTube videos in HD resolution, but also in 4K quality. The impressive downloader brags about its multi-threading technology, which uses your entire bandwidth to download files up to three times faster. Also, you can convert audio from YouTube videos to MP3 files, which is necessary when you want to download music.

How to download 1080p YouTube videos on your computer:

First, visit YouTube online at

Then find the YouTube video and click the “Share” button to get its URL.

Reload and paste the link into the search bar to get what you’re looking for.

Choose MP4 or MP3 output format and video quality, and click the “Download” button.

Advantages and disadvantages


* No Ads

Supports all devices

* Fast conversion speed

* Security Guarantee

Unlimited YTB Downloads

*Free, high-speed video download


* Batch download is not supported

  1. Cisdem Video Converter (Mac App)

Cisdem Video Converter Mac is a very capable alternative to other video downloaders. It stands out from the competition due to its intuitive interface and comprehensive toolset. The software is fast and it only takes a few minutes to download an entire hour of video. Additionally, videos can be downloaded from over 1000 different sites including YouTube, Vile, Vimeo and Twitch.

How to download YouTube videos in 1080p format on Mac:

First, install Cased Video Converter on your Mac.

Launch YouTube on your Mac and search for the HD 1080p video you want to save. Copy its URL.

Paste the URL into the input box of “Cased Video Converter for Mac”, click the “Download” icon at the bottom right corner. (When you drop the thumbnail of a YouTube video on the interface, it will automatically fetch the full video. Other details like its format, resolution, length and size will be displayed on the interface shortly.

Finally, click the convert icon to download the 1080p YouTube video.

Advantages and disadvantages


* Edit video for better effect

* Fast and easy 1080p HD video download

* Convert SD and HD videos for device compatibility


*Mac version only available

  1. ClipConverter (Windows online application)

If you don’t want to install more programs to consume your hard disk space, you can choose to enter ClipConverter. It is one of the largest online 1080p downloaders for YouTube. Even before you download a YouTube video, you can choose the format and quality with this online tool. ClipConverter lets you download YouTube videos for free, with no hidden fees. It supports many kinds of multimedia files, such as MP4, MP3, AVI and so on. However, the homepage of ClipConverter is full of advertisements.

How to download YouTube videos in 1080p format on Windows:

First, copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to download. Then, visit the ClipConverter site and paste the URL into the bar located in that interface.

Then, select the output format and quality of the video download under the bar. After that, click on the “Continue” button.

Next, choose the desired output quality before downloading the video. To get started, click “Get Started.”

After the conversion is complete, click the “Download” button to start downloading the converted video.

Advantages and disadvantages


* Offers browser extensions

* Convert locally stored videos


* Only 20 minutes of video can be downloaded

In conclusion

If you want to download 1080p quality videos from YouTube, these are the best YouTube to mp4 converters we’ve found. Just as every coin has two sides and each tool has its pros and cons, if you frequently download and convert 1080p movies from YouTube, the desktop versions of these programs, such as YTBvideoly, may be more convenient.