5 tips for first time weed smokers

Is this your first time smoking weed? Do you want to know what it feels like to be a stoner? Are you searching for helpful tips for first-time weed smokers? Do not search further; here are 5 tips that will provide you with an enhanced experience smoking cannabis. 

Before going further, keep in mind that the effects of cannabis on different users are not the same due to different strains and body chemistry. However, these tips will help you.

1. Choose the Strain with Moderate THC 

As a first-time weed smoker, you must choose a strain that contains moderate levels of THC. Although this will contain some CBD to take care of the euphoria or intoxication you feel.  

Although some people recommend starting with 10mg of THC, that will be too much for a fresh stoner. Ask for a strain that contains not more than 2.5% of THC from a cannabis store near you. Take note of the effects you feel and stay within your limit.

2. Hydrate Adequately Before You Start

When you want to start smoking weed for the first time, drink adequate water to stay hydrated. One popular side effect of smoking cannabis is dry mouth. Keep a bottle of water close to you to rehydrate and keep your mouth moist. Drink water before you start smoking and keep rehydrating in between. The reason why the mouth gets dry is that the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) contained in cannabis binds to the cannabinoid receptors that produce saliva in the mouth to stop the saliva production until the THC effects become worn off. 

3. Choose Edibles or Concentrates

There is a wide variety of options in a cannabis store. However, you should keep it simple as a first-time weed smoker by choosing edibles or concentrates. Asking for joints, bongs, vapes, or bowls would be too much for a fresher. Meanwhile, you can share a joint with your friend. Do not be tempted to roll the weed yourself; get rolled cannabis from a cannabis store and let them know it is your first time. 

4. Do Not Smoke Alone

Whenever you want to take any substance that can alter your consciousness for the first time, never try it alone. It will help to keep an experienced weed smoker by you when you want to smoke cannabis for the first time. If you have a bad experience, they will help hold you down. As a result, smoking with a friend will help you.

5. Smoke at Night – You May Feel Tired and Sleepy

Another experience you may have if you are smoking cannabis for the first time is that you feel very tired and sleepy. It is normal to feel overtired, that is why you should try to smoke at night before going to bed. You will overcome the tiredness when you wake up in the morning.