Addiction To Seroquel And Seroquel Abuse Are Significant Issues


For schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and certain forms of major depressive disorder, Seroquel has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. In spite of this, there is evidence of widespread use of the drug off-label, despite the warnings. Abuse may lead to addiction, which requires treatment and counselling in a recovery centre. Read below on can you get addicted to Seroquel or not.

Do you have to be addicted to Seroquel?

It’s possible to abuse or misuse Seroquel (quetiapine), even if the FDA hasn’t approved it. When taken incorrectly or without a prescription, or when delivered in a manner other than that prescribed by a health care professional, this medicine has the highest potential for abuse. Seroquel is the most often abused atypical antipsychotic, according to research.

Alcohol misuse is more common in those with a history of drug use

There are several case studies that show Seroquel is more likely to be used by people with a history of substance abuse, especially in conjunction with other substances. Convicts in jails and prisons have reported using Seroquel because they were unable to get prohibited drugs such as opioids or benzodiazepines while being held in such solitary confinement.

Addiction is a real possibility

Participants in a study conducted by the Korean Society of Applied Pharmacology were asked to provide information on any physical or psychological dependence they could develop from taking the drug. Quetiapine seems to have an influence on the brain systems related with abuse propensity, according to their findings. Psychological dependence was also revealed to be a possibility.

Enlarging Your Resilience

Seroquel may assist those with major mental illnesses deal with their regular routines. Those who are not afflicted with mental illnesses may discover that the medicine enhances their experience of pleasure and relaxation without any adverse side effects. The more individuals abuse the drug, the more likely they are to develop a tolerance for it. They’ll have to take progressively more of the medicine to obtain the same effect. 

Abusing it is a breeze

As a result of its packaging, the drug has the potential for misuse. The tablet may either be swallowed whole or crushed and snorted. When injected or snorted, the drug releases a large amount of dopamine, and this may lead to dependence and addiction.

Medication is used to treat Seroquel addiction

Co-occurring Disorder Treatment

Addiction may be a symptom of an underlying mental health issue in certain people. Addiction and mental health issues are two different things for different people. In certain circumstances, drug use may aggravate mental health problems.