Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Deck Blackjack

While you can go to your favorite casino to play blackjack, there is something ever so much more appealing about being able to play blackjack online for real money. The internet has taken the world by storm and given us so many more resources for gambling.

The game of blackjack is favored by all online gamblers, both old and new, young and old, and finally, newbies and experienced. The multiple benefits offered by the online casino Malaysia outweigh those of the land-based casinos. If you have not tried your hand at online gambling yet, it is time to start now. Amongst blackjack, online blackjack is the first and foremost game you should try your hand on.

Single deck blackjack is frequently referred to as the “holy grail” of the game since it provides players with the best possibility of making money. In reality, when players stick to single-deck blackjack games, the house edge is only 0.15 percent. With this in mind, you could believe that single deck blackjack is the best thing ever. However, there are certain drawbacks to the subject, which are discussed below, along with the benefits of single deck blackjack.

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The obvious advantage of playing single deck blackjack is that you have the very lowest house edge, as we previously indicated. With a 0.15 percent house edge, you’re almost on an even footing with the casino, and your chances of winning appear like a coin flip. Of course, in order to benefit from the minimal casino edge, you must first master the basic blackjack technique; otherwise, it doesn’t matter how many decks you’re dealing with.

Card counters gain yet another significant benefit from single-deck blackjack. Card counters nowadays typically work with six and eight-deck shoes, which means they must wait longer for favorable counts. Card counters, on the other hand, don’t have to wait nearly as long to acquire a favorable count with single deck blackjack, allowing them to gamble big much sooner.


Given the benefits listed above, you wouldn’t think there would be much of a disadvantage to play blackjack online. However, casinos frequently advertise single-deck games while including unfavorable regulations that boost the house edge. What’s worse, the house edge can actually be bigger than in six or eight-card blackjack.

In the worst-case situation, casinos will only pay 6:5 instead of 3:2 in blackjack. This one regulation alone will increase the house advantage from 0.15 percent to 1.45 percent. When you consider that both six and eight-deck blackjack have a house edge of roughly 0.5 percent, it’s sometimes not even worth the effort to look for single-deck games. Casinos may also include other adverse regulations in single-deck games, so keep an eye out.

Another downside of single deck blackjack is that you are unlikely to get many comps when playing it. After all, if you’re playing actual single-deck blackjack, the casino isn’t going to earn much money off you in the long run. They aren’t going to be generous with freebies, either.