BBQs 2U Introduces DoJoe Transforming Kamado Joe Grill Into Classic Pizza Oven

There is some good news for users having Kamado Joe grill as BBQs 2U introduces the DoJoe – Kamado Joe Classic accessory that transforms the grill into a professional classic pizza oven. BBQs 2U, one of the leading independent retailers of Kamado Joe, Napoleon barbecue, MasterBuilt barbecues, and Ooni Pizza Oven have been selling barbecues since 2002. Due to this, they are very passionate about all the barbecues and share their great deal of grilling knowledge with their customers.

They have been selling a huge range of Kamado Joe accessories that make it convenient for the users not to go about hunting for the needed accessories for an enhanced grilling experience. The DoJoe accessory by BBQs 2U increases the functionality of Kamado Joe Grill into a pizza oven, making it the best host for gaming nights.

The barbecue accessory is crafted from durable cast aluminium and is perfect both for beginners as well as expert chefs. The distinctive wedge shape of the DoJoe accessory allows the user to maintain an optimal temperature that can last for hours while allowing them to keep a watch on the pizza or other baked dishes as they cook. It comes with a reusable pizza stone that can withstand high temperatures required for cooking a perfect pizza, the heat ranging from 200 degrees Centigrade to 370 degrees Centigrade.

The accessory is easy to use as the Classic DoJoe just needs to be placed into a Kamado Joe Classic grill. The lid of the grill closes neatly on top leaving a good enough gap for sliding the pizza in and out just like it is done in a traditional pizza oven. Users can enjoy an ultimate outdoor pizza experience.

For a different outdoor charcoal grill and oven experience, the MasterBuilt 560 BBQ Gravity Series is an impressive BBQ that looks like a gas grill but doesn’t run on gas. Instead, there is a tall gravity-fed charcoal hopper that functions like an offset smoker used by most barbecues.

Moreover, it has a fan that helps to maintain a stable temperature and smartphone connectivity that allows users to keep an eye on the meat if it is being cooked for long hours. The MasterBuilt app keeps the user updated on both grill and food temperatures that can be adjusted from a smartphone along with any timer and alert settings. All these features certainly make it more capable than most of the same basic barbecues.

In short, the MasterBuilt Gravity Series makes charcoal barbecuing simple and convenient as a gas BBQ. It can also be controlled as a gas BBQ while also being clean like one but it has all the flavour, fun, and style that only charcoal for an incredible outdoor cooking experience.

To top it all, BBQs 2U has been offering gifts on adding the BBQ in the cart like MasterBuilt Lumpwood Charcoal, MasterBuilt 560 Official Cover, Kamado Joe Wood Chunks 4.5kg, and Box of Flamers Natural Firelighters.

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