Easiest Steps To Get Rid Of Messy Notes

Notes are a specific part of our daily lives. We have to keep records of day-to-day schedules, workloads, office stuff, study essentials, health, sport, reminders, shopping, trip, etc. All these things are circulated with notes that we take daily to eye-check our essential remembrances. Nowadays, most people worldwide use an iPad, or their handy smartphones, to take notes nicely, without any mistakes. 

But, what about school-aged students who can’t afford digital devices every time with them? Or what about those who don’t have a smart gadget? 

There’s only one solution, which is writing. And that’s why it’s reasonable; most of you need to read more (อ่านต่อ, which is the term in Thai) about taking good notes, right? But how? 

Why Does Taking Notes Seem Tough?

Most of the people are seen struggling with taking running notes. They face spelling mistakes, line misses, and are sometimes confused with the flow of dictation. But that doesn’t mean one can’t afford to take good handwritten notes for their essential purposes.

5 Easy Steps To Take A Good Note

We have come up with the ultimate solution of taking good, effective, and comfy-to-read notes without the hassle and worry! Let’s read more 

  • Selecting A Device 

If you want to make your notes clear, easy-to-store, and constructive, our recommendation is for an excellent note-taking device. Before taking notes, one must have a decent notebook, stationery, sticky notes, dairy, post-it, etc. This equipment is exceptionally beneficial for carrying a proper multi-purpose message. 

  • Be A Good Listener

Someone once said that a good listener becomes a good writer! Well, it’s true. Please make sure your listening skills are on if you are taking notes! That means you have to listen to the dictation very carefully while writing. Also, experts suggest that while Listening to the dictation, try to gather all the head points of the speech, then write them down in your language to understand better. 

  • Keep It Composed

It’s nothing but keeping your note organized. It tells you to outline the dictation and make it short, informative, and comprehensive. The best you can do is summarize the topic with the most crucial points (included). The sub-heads issues will make your job easy to get a complete overview of the case whenever you read it. Keeping your content organized can make your task easy to accomplish. 

  • Style

You must choose your writing style and note it down before taking a note. That helps you to make the notes done fast. The chances of mistakes also decrease. You can go for mind-mapping, charts, diagrams, etc.  

  • Attention

No matter what you are writing, please concentrate. A suitable concentration can help you with more minor spelling mistakes, line misses, and grammatical errors.


If you want to read more about making decent and helpful notes, please do some research before starting! Good luck!