Environment And Peace – How To Choose A Location?

Everyone needs a peaceful location without any chaos to spend their time. An environment will determine your moods and calm you in distressful situations. When you choose a place, you should look into several factors.

In this article, let us look into the Grand Unity location that meets your lifestyle.

Where Is Charansanitwong?

Charansanitwong is one of the famous locations. Charansanitwong is between the torch junction and Phra junction. The Phra junction doesn’t have to go inside the alley, and the travel is comfortable and flexible.

Balanced Lifestyle

Grand Unity’s Chransanitwong has a balanced lifestyle. If you want to spend your life with many amenities, the Charansanitwong is the best place.

  • Charansanitwong has several amenities such as famous departmental stores, hospitals and schools.
  • A homeowner will have a balanced lifestyle in Charansanitwong in every aspect.
  • The homeowners will have a paranomic view of Bangkok on the rooftop.

Travel Facilities

Charansanitwong has travel facilities for everyone. People can travel by different modes of public transport.  The train and bus facilities are available in the Charansanitwong. The travel will connect you to the famous roads. Some roads in the Charansanitwong place are,

  • Ratchaphruek Road
  • Bang Week Road
  • Phutthamonthon Road

Plan For Building

Every building has a plan. The main building is on the 20th floor.

  • The room type is a studio that has 21.00-21.50 square metres.
  • The Grand Unity website also has an illustration for every room type.
  • The project characteristics are significant to analyze before working on it.

Project Characteristics

The project location is in the Charansanitwong Road, next to MRT Charansanitwong 13 Station. The building is a 20 storey residential building. There are 360 units in the building. The project area is 1-3-93.6 Rai. These are the project characteristics of the location.

What Is The Apartment Type?

The apartment type in Charansanitwong road is a structure of studio that is 21.00-21.50 sq.m. These are the areas of every bedroom,

  • 1 BEDROOM 25.00-27.50 sq.m.
  • 1 BEDROOM CORNER 30.50 sq.m.
  • 1 BEDROOM PLUS 30.50-33.00 sq.m.
  • 1 BEDROOM PLUS CORNER 34.50 sq.m.

Final Word

The progress of the project is fast and efficient for every homeowner. The structural work, architecture, and system installation are perfect.

So far, we have looked into the Charansanitwong road and the apartment type. Every homeowner should check Grand Unity’s location to choose the best option.