GRE Score for MS 

A commonly asked question by most GRE candidates is if GRE scores can be used if you are keen on pursuing an MS abroad. The GRE caters to all disciplines, hence, you can most certainly use a valid GRE score to apply for an MS program abroad. However, to have a valid GRE score, you need to be eligible for the GRE. Let us take a quick look at the eligibility criteria for the GRE. 

Eligibility Criteria for GRE   
The ETS, which is the organisation that conducts and organises the GRE, has not stated any specific eligibility criteria for the GRE. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when registering for the exam. A couple of things you should keep in mind when registering for the GRE is as follows: 

Nationality: The GRE is open to all nationalities, this means you can write the GRE irrespective of which country you belong to. However, you need to have valid and government-authorised ID proof on the day of the GRE exam. 

Age: There is no such thing as the GRE age limit, as there are no restrictions on age to take the GRE. You can take the GRE at 19 or even at 90, the choice is yours!

Qualifications: As mentioned above, you can take the GRE without worrying about what education qualifications you may possess. This is because the GRE caters to all disciplines and subject areas. However, since it is a graduate-level exam, you must have completed your undergraduate degree in any field.

GRE Retakes: You can retake the GRE, however, there needs to be a gap of 21 days from your previous GRE attempt. Additionally, you can only take the GRE five times within 365 days.

These are some things you should be aware of when registering for the GRE. However, you must also be aware of some of the prerequisites set by the universities you plan on applying to and adhere to the same.

GRE Cutoffs for MS 

A good GRE score will increase your chances of getting into the university of your choice. However, what counts as a good GRE score? A good GRE score is anything that lies between 300 to 320. Although what counts as a good GRE score may vary based on the university and program you apply to. This is because top universities set GRE cutoff scores and these GRE cutoffs vary from university to university. For example, if the GRE cutoff for Oxford University is 309, then any score above 309 counts as a good score if you are applying to Oxford. Now that you know what a good GRE score is, let us look at how you can prepare for the GRE to achieve your desired score. 

How to Prepare for the GRE?

Preparing for the GRE can be an arduous task. However, if you have a meticulous preparation plan in hand, it might be easier than expected. To begin with, you must set a target score. Once you have set a target score, you need to draft a study plan based on the score you want to achieve. The next step after that would be to acquaint yourself with the GRE exam pattern by taking a mock test. Taking the mock test also helps you analyse your strengths and weaknesses. After taking the mock test, you begin learning the GRE concepts and syllabus. A common dilemma among GRE candidates is what constitutes the GRE syllabus for MS? The GRE syllabus for MS is identical to the GRE exam syllabus, which means they are the same. The last step, after you have learnt the GRE concepts, is to practice with sample questions and mock tests as much as you can.

We trust you are now aware of the eligibility criteria for GRE, GRE cutoffs for MS, and how to prepare for the GRE. All you need to do is register for the GRE, so you can fulfil your dream of pursuing an MS abroad. All the best!