Guide to Buying and Wearing the Best Style Shirts for Men


A shirt is the most common piece of clothing that every man owns. But they come up in different styles, colors, and fits. With multiple options, it becomes confusing for men to decide on shirt color, sim-fit, or regular fit shirts. Men keen on fashion like to have shirts that suit them the best with perfect style.

Well, you need not worry now, as we are here to help you with the best collection of shirts. Our guide will help you know which shirts to add to your wardrobe. Also, when to wear them; so, let’s get started.

Guide to Buying and Wearing the Best Men’s Shirts

Check Shirts for men

Do you wish to have a shirt in your wardrobe that can go for both formal and casual wear? Then check shirts are the ones that you must try. These shirts come in multiple colors, with small and large checks. To get something that can fit all occasions, you should try bold color check shirts like dark green and black or dark blue and black. You can pair check shirts with denim for casual look and slim-fit trousers for a formal look.

Versatile Colour Shirts for men

Men find it confusing to decide which color shirt they should go for. One can experiment with multiple colors, including olive, beige, maroon, royal blue, and more. But if you want versatile color shirts, then go for white and black shirts for men. These are best, from casual to office wear and traditional to formal parties. Especially black shirts for men, as they make the style statement. If you don’t own one yet, go and buy one now. But before that, do check the kind of fit you should go for.

Choose the right fit according to body type

The bigger confusion comes when men decide the type of shirt fit. Of course, one should go for the regular or the slim fit shirts; do not think of other options if you want to hide those extra pounds around your waistline. Or if you prefer loose-fitting shirts, always go for the regular fit shirts.

But if you wish to accentuate your abs or biceps, wear slim fit shirts. They are body hugging and fit close to one’s body, making their physique quite visible. But they do not have room for air, as they are closely fitted.

Look for sleeves according to the occasion

Be it casual or formal, you will find both full-sleeve and half sleeve shirts. For men with a slim build, we always suggest going for full sleeve shirts. These shirts look great as formal wear too.

However, one can try half sleeves shirt too as office wear. But we suggest them for casual occasions. You can pair them up with a V-neck t-shirt for a cool look.

The Bottom Line

After knowing about these different shirt fits and styles, you can easily make a decision. According to the above guide, you can choose the style and color, full sleeve shirts or half sleeves. Use this guide now and buy the best style shirts for men to upgrade your fashion statement only from JACK&JONES.