HCR Bearings: Everything You Need To Know About

Bearings are essential parts of the machine industry. It reduces friction and enables the machine to move appropriately with more efficiency. Now whenever the rotation occurs, friction is bound to happen. The bearings are between the shaft and that part of the machine that needs rotation. It makes the rotation smooth and noise free. There are various types of bearings used in the industry. Also, their applications are different. One of the essential types of bearings is HCR bearings (ตลับลูกปืน LM Guide HCR, which is the term in Thai).

What Are HCR Bearings?

The LM guide HCR bearings are the type of bearings because of which curved motion of a machine is possible. The multiple LM blocks on the bearing enable to have multiple operations simultaneously.

We can use these bearings in different applications, from small machines to large machinery. Because of its design, it can sustain higher loads as well. It cuts down energy consumption also.

What Are The Benefits Of LM Guide HCR Bearings?

There are many benefits of these bearings, but the following features provide us with the best benefits:

· Easy Installation

One of the essential features of an HCR bearing is its design. The makers have made it such that the HCR bearings are easy to install. The construction of these LM guides is simple. You can quickly assemble the LM guide HCR bearing by mounting the LM rail and bolting the blocks. Thus it does not take much time to assemble the HCR bearings.

· Can Carry The Load In All Directions

We all know that in the tool industry, the load can come from any side. Therefore, the design of LM guide HCR is such that it can carry the load in all directions.

You can achieve a circular motion of 5m or longer.

You can use these bearings in machines that need curved or circular motion of 5m or longer. Also, you can quickly assemble or reassemble the bearing without any complication.

· Application Of LM Guide HCR Bearings

As stated above, HCR bearings can be used in small or large machines because it has higher load-bearing capacity. Therefore, we can use it in applications like CT scanners, medical beds, and optical measurement devices. We can also assemble these bearings in tool grinders and other medical equipment like radiography. Amusement park machines and towed car parks widely use these HRC bearings to achieve the required curved motion.