A tire shredder is the best tool used for processing old tires into smaller rubber materials for recycling. Rubber materials got from tire shredding can be used for creating or manufacturing plastic stuff, which will be useful for other purposes.   Tires become useless due to tear and wear caused by friction, if this happens the tire is replaced with new ones, the replaced tires at this point could be stored up at a place, pillage of old and useful tires could affect our ecosystem negatively as there are the release of toxic chemicals from tires that are not good for the ecosystem. Trying to burn tires in large quantities is even more dangerous because tires could take weeks to burn and while burning, there is the release of toxic fumes and gasses into the atmosphere, fumes make it difficult for people around that vicinity to breathe very well and that could also cause health challenges for people staying close to the burning site. Before now damaged tires that are left to pollute our environment amount to billions in number and if valued in money they cost millions in dollars but currently, damaged tires are not left to rot like before, damaged tires are now contributors to the economy even in their damaged state. 

Waste tires can now be recycled and be used for industrial purposes, knowing that pillage of waste tires is harmful to our environment, industrialists find another useful purpose waste tires can fulfill and that is improvised material for asphalt or bitumen, this is a liquid or sticky semi-solid material, used to bind aggregates together, asphalt is used in road construction projects and it is known for its smooth and durable feature, although asphalt is usually found in a natural deposit it can also be refined and waste tires can be used to improvise this natural petroleum in semi-solid form, waste tires are to be shredded by Tire shredder and then burned into semi-liquid form to become an improvised form of asphalt.

Still, on the industrial use of waste tires, damaged tires that are no longer useful for automobiles can also be used as fuels for industrial purposes i.e. in cement manufacturing, waste tires after being shredded by a Tire shredder could be used as manufacturing fuel, acquiring a suitable tire shredder for these purposes will make shredding easy and the use of shredded tires in industries would be enjoyed as the difficulty in shredding the tires manually is taking care of.