Material Handling Equipment Required for the Food and Baking Industry

If you are running a business that is related to food and baking products, then you will always be concerned about protecting the food supply chain.

To keep your activities safe, you should think about incorporating sanitary equipment that complements your warehouse structure. The productivity of food and bakery operations can be increased by optimising your layout with more effective and compact solutions.

Think about the most frequent problems and some of the best equipment solutions available to businesses as you plan up an efficient warehouse layout.

Let us first of all try to understand what kind of problems that are faced by such industries:

  1. Food safety

Food that is clean and free of foodborne germs is crucial in the baking and food industries. A few risk factors can render certain foods dangerous.

  1. Product recalls

On an average, recalls cost businesses $10 million in direct charges. According to a different GMA research, 5% of multinational businesses had recalls that totalled $100 million or more.

  1. Labour and workforce issues

Millions of people are employed in the food production sector. Food processing has a higher injury rate than other sectors.

  1. Efficiency

Inefficiency is a problem for companies in the food production sector virtually often.

  1. Sustainability

Companies in the food processing sector are under increased pressure to adapt and promote sustainability in their processes as green technology and practises gain relevance.

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Solutions to all these challenges


The following are a few of the primary equipment solutions meant for the food and bakery industries:

  1. Pallet inverters

You probably use washable pallets to store food when working with it. A pallet inverter is a great option if you need to shift loads onto these pallets.

Pallets may be lifted, rotated, transferred, and tilted by these inverters, which eliminates the need for risky physical labour.

Multiple control choices are available for the 180⁰ inverter, which can be loaded and unloaded using a reach truck or forklift.

  1. Space and pallet retrievers

These are made to quickly swap out pallets, mix loads, and remove spacers.

As contrast to the time and effort required to manually stack loads from one pallet to another, they easily allow you to move loads to outbound or inbound pallets in a matter of minutes, which is fantastic for creating an efficient warehouse.

  1. Stretch wrappers

You will probably wrap products and pallets when handling food to reduce or minimise product damage. To preserve your items, premium stretch wrappers employ film that has a 200% pre-stretch.

  1. Plastic pallets

In search of affordable and functional sanitary equipment for the food and bakery sector Pallets made of wood are first replaced with ones made of plastic.

Due of their washability, plastic pallets aid in preventing product contamination.

  1. Custom solutions

Standard machinery used in the food and pastry industries is not always the best option.

You can collaborate with an industry-leading manufacturer to develop specialised equipment solutions, whether you require extra safety features or stronger system integration.

Top Industries Inc. is one of the professional companies who has been offering customized solutions to these industries for their material handling problems. You may follow on Twitter to know more about the different solutions available.