product sampling program and dry sampling Relationship:

These days, protecting consumer observations is difficult. Longer than ever, attention spans are decreasing. Customers are accustomed to BOPIS’s quick order fulfillment, and now, as part of the program for product sampling, drones are beginning to deliver orders.

Product sampling is one of the simplest ways to develop brand loyalty and accustom your user to your product. However, one of marketing’s earliest pieces of technology is still functional today. Under dry sampling, brands require assistance breaking through and gaining new customers.

A sampling program is a great way to sell your goods to potential customers. If you want to promote new products to existing consumers or draw in new ones through a product sampling program, you may need to create samples using a contract packing firm.

These dependable sampling techniques are widely used by businesses worldwide for dry sampling advertising.


The information indicating customer purchase decision after receiving a free sample is a restriction of product sampling. With our strategic approach, we collect this data and give brands a chance to provide individualized recommendations, cross-sell products, and encourage consumer referrals.

Dry sampling

  • Similar to indirect sampling, this is a method where you offer your clients sampling products for them to be certified at home under the product sampling program. This method would include using a promotional stand and ensuring that the salesperson explains how every buyer requires to use the product under dry sampling.
  • It implied that you must completely cut yourself off or detach from the method under dry sampling. There is some form of personal communication.
  • For instance, you could reveal a sample product in-store, demonstrating as much as possible about it under the product sampling program. Then you can offer samples for purchasers to be taken home.
  • You may not necessarily like this procedure, but then you can consider wet sampling. It is one of the top forms of the direct sampling method.
  • As per this procedure, you offer products to consumers in the store. It is more suitable to have a knowing sample under the product sampling program.
  • While the two sampling methods are slightly different, merging both is always possible. For example, you can let buyers taste a product and offer them small samples to be tried at home under dry sampling.
  • There are a few benefits as well. The main advantage of dry sampling is that you can keep expenses low while you absorb with an already interested buyer.
  • Offering in-store product samples makes increasing your brand’s awareness easier than following an indirect sampling tactic under the product sampling program.
  • The dry sampling approach offers customers a product they can test at home.Besides, it must be ensured that there is a salesperson to explain how to use the product.
  • It provides a physical connection with the consumer. For instance, a salesperson can explain a freebie or a giveaway in the store and then offer the consumer to take it home under the product sampling program.

Types of dry sampling:

Event-Based dry sampling

This method involves giving away freebies through a particular event. An event-based sampling campaign depends upon the event’s importance under dry sampling. But it is only sometimes possible to deal with the crash event.

Success is guaranteed if you can deal with it and offer free samples of a product that people are interested in under the product sampling program. But the cost of implementing this strategy is high as it involves event sponsorship and free sample values under dry sampling.

Supermarket dry sampling

In this kind of sampling, the more people reach out to the product, the better your possibilities are of achieving sales and growing your business under the product sampling program. The overall cost incurred is low.

Importance of product sampling program:

Highly successful product promotion

According to the USPS report, many businesses employ this strategy to sell their goods to consumers because it has been shown to boost sales and profits in dry sampling. Sending out samples as part of the product sampling program is a way to confirm the quality of your goods and promote your brand to consumers.

Obtain new clients:

People will be more likely to desire to buy your products under dry sampling if you send out liquid products in foil pouches or beauty packaging. Customers who need to learn about full-size goods can decide against purchasing them in stores.

Giving them a trial will allow them to see whether the product is worthwhile. According to research, 50% of customers who try a sample plan buy it.

Promote market presence

Contract packing companies utilize dry sampling to provide high-quality product samples representing your brand. The USPS website states that 92% of buyers have purchased goods after testing samples. Customers can remember your brand name and contact information more quickly if you send it to their homes before a product sampling program.