Some Fascinating Facts About Blue Lotus Smoking

Herbs with various medicinal properties have been incredibly useful for people for ages. Blue lotus is one of those. You can refer to it even as the Sacred Lily of the Nile and Egyptian locus. It is one of those perennial rhizome aquatic plants that are a powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants. Diverse cultures, which include the Ancient Egyptians, have acknowledged that Blue Lotus is indeed a natural gem.

Consuming high-quality blue lotus tincture at the right dosage can help you reap a myriad of health advantages. Similarly, smoking blue lotus benefits you to a great extent, both mentally and physically. Besides relieving anxiety, depression and other mental health issues, blue lotus smoke that you inhale is an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction. If you are a non-smoker, go for tincture or liquid extract.

However, keep reading if you are curious to know some mind-boggling facts about blue lotus smoking.

Blue Lotus Flower Origin

The blue lotus plant, also known as the blue water lily, belongs to the Nymphaeaceae family. The flower this plant bears is popular for its ornamental aspect. In East Africa, mainly in Egypt, blue lotus flowers are prevalent. The plant extract is the chief ingredient in tinctures that help treat inflammation, constipation, viral fever and digestive problems. 

One of the well-known mind-altering aphrodisiac and psychedelic drugs is blue lotus. Initially, it was used only for depression-relieving purposes. However, with time, many individuals have started smoking blue lotus for recreational purposes owing to its hallucinogenic effects. This particular drug has multiple variants, and each variety has a certain potency level. 

Blue Lotus Flower is an Integral Part of Many Traditions

People have been cultivating blue lotus plants for centuries. The flower is an essential part of the different traditions of diverse cultures. In ancient Greece, native Greeks considered the blue lotus symbolizes rebirth, renewal as well as immortality. 

Such was their belief because the flower blooms from the plant’s roots daily morning. On the other hand, Egyptian people would see the flower as a female fertility symbol. Thus, they used to worship the blue lotus flower and refer to it as a rebirth symbol for pharaohs.

Increasing Dependency on Blue Lotus Smoking

Consuming or smoking the blue lotus extract helps mitigate stress and anxiety, besides inducing sleep. A lot of users have agreed that they get a good night’s sleep and feel more at ease. Such things happen due to the blue lotus plant’s calming or soothing effect on the body and mind. It is pretty effective as an antidepressant. 

Blue lotus users enjoy the euphoric effects of this plant extract. As it is a narcotic to a moderate extent, it is effective in relieving pain and relaxing the nerves. Aside from calming the mind and soul, the blue lotus extract helps stimulate sexual desire as well as pleasure. 

Many individuals who often feel down because of emotional or work-related stress feel better whenever they smoke blue lotus. However, no concrete evidence is there as of now that proves all these health-beneficial aspects of blue lotus. Therefore, it is sensible to consult your physician prior to taking or smoking it only for its curative properties.

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