Surgical And Non-Surgical Ways Are Described To Remove Dimpled Chin

There are no proper and natural ways that hide your dimpled chin. However, there are some exercises that the dimpled chin man (ผู้ชายคางบุ๋ม; which is the term in Thai) performs to get a prominent result. Let’s read the article to know how you can hide a dimpled chin:

·  Start ‘Mewing’

Mewing is one of the most common yoga techniques that help people solve their chin-reshaping issues. It helps to solve issues like double chin, and misaligned jawline and treats improper posture. The process involves position, inner mouth movements and tongue positions, so anyone can achieve their desired look.

· Using Makeup

However, makeup is not a permanent solution, still, you can rely on this to disguise the cleft chin. In that case, you need to wear regular makeup, so your friend will also never know that you have a dimpled chin.

What Causes Dimpled Chin

Whether you have been a dimpled chin man since your birth or not, depends on the genes. Generally, you are likely to get a dimpled chin if anyone in your family has a dimpled chin. People who are born with dimpled chin get it before birth and it happens when the two sides of the lower jaw can’t fuse during fetal development.

Surgical Ways To Remove Dimpled Chin

You can opt for two ways to remove your dimpled chin. One is by using the filler and the second is by using the hyaluronic acid or filler.

· Cleft Surgery:

You can both create and remove a dimpled chin with surgeries. The surgeon generally uses a chin implant to fill the dimple. Doctor first asses your position and then determine what implant shape can look you better. Immediately after the surgery, you may not have seen your new chin but it will take fewer weeks to get that final result.

· Chin Filler:

The process of chin filler involves injecting a soft hyaluronic acid into the desired area. By injecting it into the dimple, it raises the skin and creates a smooth surface. The filler is made of a natural substance that the body produces


In this article, both non-surgical and surgical ways to remove a dimpled chin are described. If the dimpled chin man wants temporary results, then the non-surgical ways can work for you. Otherwise, you should opt for a surgical one as it provides you with a quite permanent result.