Teen Alcohol Rehabilitation Interventions in Dallas, Texas

Take a look at these shocking statistics concerning young people and drinking alcohol.

  • Five thousand young adults under the age of 21 die each year as a direct result of their drinking.
  • Roughly 35% of high schoolers say they have used alcohol the preceding month. Seventy per cent of these students report binge drinking, defined as having five or more drinks in rapid succession.

Teen alcohol addiction remains a concern. It is against the law in the United States for minors to consume alcohol, and doing so may have devastating effects on those who partake. Is there anything that worried adults can do to assist an adolescent who is misusing alcohol?

There are major repercussions of a culture of underage drinking. Teenagers who are struggling with alcohol misuse and addiction might find support in addiction treatment programs. To learn more, please contact Taylor Recovery Center right now.

The Risks of Alcohol Abuse Among Teens

A teenager’s brain is still growing, and excessive drinking may have serious consequences for that process. An early start on alcohol might result in a lifetime of problems. Risky behaviors, including driving while inebriated, poor judgment that might lead to unprotected sex, higher possibilities of alcohol poisoning, and alcohol-related accidents are just some of the other risks associated with teen alcohol consumption.

Even though it is against the law for minors to purchase alcohol, it doesn’t stop them from doing so. On the contrary, many young people who drink do so because they have easy access to it at home or via other members of their social circle who may legally buy it for them.

Seeking Support for Your Teen

The sooner you enrol your teen in treatment, the sooner you can lessen the dangers of underage drinking. A good treatment center will accommodate both your kid and your family. Alcoholism has several root causes, and experts may identify those reasons. However, far too often, teenagers give in to alcohol use because of peer pressure. When good kids associate with bad peers, good kids might end up making terrible choices.

If your adolescent wants to discuss challenging topics, you must reassure him or her that you are always there to listen. Kids feel loved and cared for when they see their parents and other family members taking an interest in what they’re doing. They are more likely to open up to you about whatever is bothering them in this safe space.

Taylor Recovery Center: Restoring Sobriety For Your Loved Ones

Abuse of alcohol, despite the fact that it is a legal substance, may lead to addiction issues. Young people are not exempt from this. Seek the services of teen alcohol treatment program if you have concerns about a young person’s drinking habits. Taylor Recovery Center’s team in Dallas focuses on providing comprehensive and evidence-based care for teens. Cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, yoga therapy, and experiential therapy are some of the employed techniques.

Confidentiality, safety, and security are also top priorities for us. We recognize the toll alcoholism can have on loved ones and stand ready to help.