The Easiest Way To Add Various Color Tones To Your Home

The major discussion while redecorating your home is about the color schemes used in the entire home. Using a color tone (โทน สี, which is the term in Thai) that suits every person in the home is what makes it difficult to settle on one tone. 

What Are The Advantages Of Selecting A Perfect Color Tone For Your Home?

While a scheme helps determine the home’s overall look, it also provides a specific type of dimension to it. Be it warm or cool tones, it will eventually help create an atmosphere of the home that gives out positive vibes. Each color has its own sense of warmth or coolness to provide and, accordingly, helps change the mood of the home. It provides a different feeling altogether. Let us discuss the three tones of colors that are usually considered.

Warm Tones

These tones are usually referred to as the tone of various moods. The existence of different moods, such as warm, hot, exciting, or even distinctive, would attract someone with it. The warm color scheme is mostly spread between the red and yellow categories. 

  • Red is the color known for depicting love, affection, passion
  • Red-orange provides a sense of brightness but is also a little hot in its mood
  • Orange is a color that is known for its bright and vibrant appearance, and that is what the exact mood of this particular color
  • Magenta is a color made from a combination of fiery and mysterious feelings

 Cool Tones

The mood of cool tones is more peaceful, cool, fresh, and serene. The colors in the cool tone category are more on the blue and green side, with a tinge of yellow and purple complimenting the warmth of warm tones.

  • Yellow-green is a powerful combination to depict energy and positivity
  • Green is the color of nature reflecting the freshness, comfort and free flowing
  • Blue is a color that provides serenity and calmness, just like the water
  • Blue-purple is a very soothing and calming color, but it is also mysterious.

Neutral Tones

The popularly categorised colours between cool and warm color tones are known as neutral tones. Yellow and purple are two hues found in the centre of the color wheel. The yellow color depicts enthusiasm and energy, whereas purple is more mysterious, luxurious and fiery. 

Selecting the perfect tone for your home, depending on the required look, is always essential.