The great online app based on AI technology

The world has been stunned by face swaps and deep fakes for years now, and website handles it perfectly. This is a great online app for girlfriends to strip because of its advanced AI technology. After registering on the site, within a few minutes, images of girls that are close to reality are provided.

Why is it important to process a photo?

The creators of artificial intelligence claim that AI is able to remove unnecessary details from a photograph. All you need to do is use a smart brush to select the area that needs to be corrected. They also offer the following features:

  • Processing the photo and sending it to the printing industry so that the company can place it, for example, on booklets.
  • Creating a photo for reviews if you can’t use real photos.
  • Developing a logo for a small business because there may not be money for a designer at the beginning of the journey.

How to see the nudes of Kendall Jenner?

Kendall Jenner is perhaps the only one in the Kardashian-Jenner star family who tries not to disclose details of her personal life. The general public knows that she is a model, a participant in a family reality show, an entrepreneur, and the creator of the popular tequila brand “818”. But despite this, many people dream of seeing Kendall Jenner nudes on the pages of the Internet; so how to do that?

Nudify is a tool for removing clothing from photos. This is perhaps the simplest website with an accessible interface. It uses neural network-based technology to undress from photographs and create realistic naked images of girls. There are no additional features or fees. Unlike other programs, it copes well with different angles.