Top 3 Risks In Not Archiving Your Text Messages 

Most companies need a solution for archiving text messages to prevent a severe risk to the business. Strict recordkeeping requirements must archive electronic communications, regardless of platform.

There are risks involved in not keeping good records

Legal Risk

You can request text as part of a lawsuit event. Texts can be considered “electronically saved information” (ESI) within an organization. Text messages are different from other forms of electronic communication in that data collection can be difficult. Companies must figure out how to collect data from multiple devices, operating systems, device ownership, and other factors. There is a risk of data loss, missing records, and severe legal penalties—for instance, chat apps like telegram. You must ensure that you have a backup of all the messages for your company and telegram compliance. 

Reputation risk

Companies that need proper monitoring systems are at risk of problems with their brand. Brand problems can affect your ability to attract talent and result in losing customers. While you may already be monitoring your company’s social media accounts, emails, and corporate websites, text messages should also be monitored. For instance, telegram monitoring texts can help you assess potential threats and address them when they occur.

Regulation risk

Are you working in highly-regulated industries? Is your business subject to government regulations? For example, financial service companies are required by the Securities and Exchange Commission and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority to archive and monitor electronic communications. However, studies show that many firms still determine if they can meet these standards. If you are involved in financial services, you don’t want your company to be sued.

Even if your industry is not highly regulated, most enterprises have a regulatory compliance program regarding retaining and producing content and communicating with clients. Make sure you follow it.

The advantages of archiving: 

  • Support court cases
  • Allow employees to have access to older content
  • Keep a detailed record of the history of your company
  • Data security and retrievability for many years

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