Wabi Sabi: get to know this beautiful, minimal interior design trend

A trend that is being embraced a lot, Wabi Sabi interior design is a Japanese term that means finding beauty in imperfection. “Wabi” is about living with humility and simplicity while being in harmony with nature. “Sabi” is defined as the ability to accept the life cycle of anything. In the context of interior design and decoration, a Wabi Sabi home is one that embraces authenticity, values ​​the loving, living environment, and promotes an overall sense of peace and tranquility using simplicity. Rather than always adding the latest additions, those who embrace wabi-sabi interiors find harmony in authenticity and imperfection.

Handcrafted and Homemade

Wabi-sabi is all about embracing and celebrating authenticity wherever it can be found, and there is nothing more authentic than homely decor and handcrafted touches.  A vase you bought from online, a do-it-yourself fabric art or pottery from a local market are all homemade elements that will enhance the warm and unique feel of your space – one of the most important features of wabi-sabi.


Just because wabi-sabi values ​​imperfection does not mean it favors clutter-filled chaos. A wabi-sabi home should be clutter-free in order to inspire feelings of peace and tranquility, but not in an obsessive way. If you stick to a minimalist aesthetic, you are already halfway there – but only halfway there. Remember, it is not about simplicity for simplicity’s sake. It is more about having a sense of organization to achieve that sense of calm at home.


Organic materials and elements of nature are the main components of a wabi-sabi home, due to the universally good vibes they bring. In addition, the natural impurities found in plants, wood and stone are great daily reminders of the beauty that can be found in imperfection. To boost those good vibes even more, integrate wooden furniture, fresh flowers, and as many plants as your heart desires. Moreover, if you do not have a hand for plants, go for some succulents, which will bring all the benefits of natural plants, but with very low maintenance.

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Mix Styles

Not everything needs to match and be ultra-cohesive all the time. In fact, everything too right can detract from the cozy atmosphere of a home. Nevertheless, be careful not to turn your house into the grape party. Although it looks fun, it does not fit Wabi-sabi. Just be sure to add something you love to your home, even if it is not an aesthetically perfect fit. When it comes to wabi-sabi, this imperfection is perfect.

Only essential

The essence of wabi-sabi is to keep possessions to a minimum, inviting only those things that bring nostalgia, beauty, usefulness, or a combination of all of these into the home. Again, this trend does not use minimalism for minimalism’s sake, but only aims to keep the things that are essential for a calm and happy spirit, an approach that maximizes the joy of everyday life. Unlike obsessive minimalism, which might make you get rid of a vase that you like but that doesn’t fit your aesthetic, a wabi-sabi follower sticks with that vase just because it brings happiness.