Why do you NEED a Customs Broker?

If you have the need to ship a consignment, you must contact a good customs broker. If you do not have a middleman taking care of the whole shipment documentation and process for you, the entire thing is going to be very time consuming and difficult for you.

No, we do not intend to scare you, but we know that the process of customs clearance is not easy. One must have enough experience in the same field to ensure that the products or consignments are not only shipped, but also delivered by the recipient in the same manner it is released from the sender’s location.

Before we tell you about the need of a customs broker, you might want to know that there are many things that you need to take care of, first. Several consignments read the customs clearance offices every single day, but not all of them are set to ship. Most of the consignments are refused because of objections on certain products. Then, there are packaging issues and since the shipment is not guaranteed in this process, the customs are not cleared to avoid problems in the future. Then the most major and tiring task is the whole documentation process. There is just so much of paperwork required to be done that you don’t know what to do and how to do it.

This is where you bring a Clearit customs broker into the picture.

  • He knows what all paperwork is required: Even if it is the fifth or sixth time you are sending a consignment, since it is not a daily work for you, you might not be able to remember what all papers you need to set for the customs clearance. However, since it is the broker’s job, he ensures everything is put in place.
  • He can guide you with the packaging: He is very well aware of what kind of packaging will pass through the customs clearance.
  • He has a huge amount of experience in this field: And that’s exactly what he uses for your consignment to get received.
  • He gives you all the advice that you need to ensure the process is smooth: The broker is paid for making sure that the process is easy for you and he does his best to guide you wherever needed.

Since you are very well aware of the advantages of having a Clearit customs broker, ensure to bring a professional on board for your need.