7 Stand Up Paddleboard Tips for Beginners

When you are out paddle boarding, it is best to make the most out of your experience.

Use the right gear

Having the right gear is important for your safety and overall enjoyment. Therefore, get the right stand up paddleboard and sup accessories online depending on your skill level and the environment where you will be surfing.

When choosing an SUP, you can start off with an all rounded one, as it will help you in your stability in both wavy and flat waters. Get the right accessories from Honu depending on the activity that you want to engage in.

Use a leash

Prioritize your safety when you are out paddle boarding. One of the ways to do this is by using a leash. There are different kinds of SUP accessories online on Honu and some of them come as part of the package when you buy Honu paddleboards.

The leash tethers you to your SUP and minimizes chances of it getting lost in water. The leash can be attached to your calf or ankle, depending on your preference.

Fall off the board the right way

Accept that you are going to fall once in a while when paddle boarding. Even the pros fall. The key is to pay attention to how you fall. You need to practice how you fall off Honu Paddleboards while ensuring your safety. This minimizes chances of you getting injured.

When falling off the board, make sure to fall clear of it, into the water, so that you are not hurt by the board or the fins. Don’t worry about the board getting lost, since it is attached to you by the leash.

Ride waves you can handle

Know your limits, as nature can be quite unforgiving. Ride waves based on your skill level and in the right conditions. This requires that you understand the flow of the river.

Check the direction of the wind

The wind will steer you and your board. This can make it hard for you to propel yourself, especially if you are going against the wind. That is why you need to learn which direction the wind is blowing and use it to your advantage.

If the wind becomes too strong for you and its blowing you in the wrong direction, the best thing would be to lie belly down on your stand up paddleboard and then use your hands to paddle.

Before going out paddling, check the weather forecast and be aware of the weather conditions.

Take care of our Honu Paddleboards

Take good care of your Honu paddleboards, to minimize wear and tear. Throwing them around can lead to damages, due to their fragile nature.

Use Your Core

When paddling, use the right paddling technique. This involves using your core and not just your arms and back, as this can lead to you straining and tire you out fast.


Knowing what to do will help you have an enjoyable experience when using your stand up paddleboard