Looking for a commercial customs clearance broker in the US? Here’s a helpful guide

If you are a new merchant figuring out how to import goods to the country, customs clearance requirements are one of the first things you will hear. Many online customs brokers provide services like customs clearance, freight forwarding, etc., in the United States.

For instance, the ClearitUSA.com Amazon freight forwarding service collects the goods from the seller’s factories and delivers them to Amazon distribution centers. 

Keep reading to know everything about customs clearance and freight forwarding in this article. 

Commercial customs clearance is the permission you need to import goods to the country. 

You have to submit relevant information and documents and apply for clearance. Due to online processing, it is now possible to get the clearance within 24 hours. Before, it used to take weeks to get the customs clearance. 

If you make any mistakes in the application request, it will delay your clearance process. 

How to prevent making mistakes?

You can hire a reliable online broker to clear cargo permissions. The broker will review the compliance document and let you know if anything else is necessary. A broker will have more experience dealing with the clearance, so you get it done faster without any errors. 

Mode of transport and necessary documents for customs clearance 

For a truck cargo, you only have to give product information and the bill of sale. If some products need additional documents, your agent will notify you. 

For air and ocean cargo, you only have to give the commercial invoice of the goods for customs clearance. Other necessary details like ISF filing, airway bill, etc., will come from the freight forwarder. If there is any more information about the goods needed, the broker will notify you in advance. 

Freight forwarding and its uses 

If you are selling products on e-commerce sites like Amazon, the fastness of the delivery depends on how fast you can get the products to reach the distribution center. 

Freight forwarders will take care of the collection of products from your place to delivery to the warehouse. All you have to do is pack the boxes according to the e-commerce site’s guidelines. If there is any customs clearance involved in the process, it will also get covered. 

Final Takeaways 

Custom brokers are experts who can help you with the clearance and movement of your goods across the country or internationally. 

Your part is to find a well-established custom broker and provide relevant details for the customs process. The broker will take care of the rest!