When you’re searching for a fun game to make your kids physically active, then treasure hunting is the best option for you. This game will give your kids physical activity and problem-solving capacity. Draft a thrilling treasure hunt in your garden area or indoors. Make arrangements to find the final destination place with the help of the maps and hints that you are providing. From stage preparation to map creation and tips are mentioned here. Gather your kid’s friends for this game to make it more interesting.

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  • Select the location
  • Narrate a storyline
  • Map creation
  • Hide the treasure
  • Pirate attire
  • Start the treasure hunt


  • The very first thing you need to plan for when you decided to arrange a pirate-themed treasure hunt is location.
  • This game can be conducted in your garden, park, forest, or inside your home. You have to create the clue according to the place you are planning.
  • Selecting an area and planning the treasure map must be down to your kid’s age level.


  • For playing a pirate treasure hunt a storyline is very important to create a real feel.
  • Narrate that story to your kid to make them feel as if they are in a real situation.
  • When you narrate the story your kids will be ready for the treasure hunt and they might understand this game.
  • When your kid is too young to understand the story, then narrate to them an easy storyline for their level.


  • Once your kid is ready for the hunt, a map is needed.
  • Create a map for the treasure hunt.  You can draft it by yourself or you can also download it online.
  • To make the map looks real; tear the four edges of the map unevenly. To create an ancient look to map, crumple, and flatten them.
  • You can also paint the map with brown color and dry the map.
  • Note the path to treasure with hints. Sketch the directions. Note: The instructions must be evident to your kid, to find the treasure.


  • It’s time to hide the treasure in the decided destination place.
  • Make sure it must be in the place, where your kid can reach. And place all the clues in their place visible according to your map.
  • For easy identification of your children place small toys or badges as clues. For creating a real experience use a chocolate coin covered with a golden color wrapper.
  • You can place a gold coin chocolate bag as the final treasure. Place the chocolates in a wooden box. Cover the wooden box with dust to make it look like an old one.
  • When you’re planning an outdoor hunt, bury the treasure to make the game more interesting.


  • To make the game feels real, you can give your kids a pirate’s attire.
  • You can make the pirate attire with the available things in your home.
  • The main pirate’s attires are eye patches, a pirate’s hook, an old model gun, and a plastic sword.
  • Everyone on the team can be dressed up like a pirate to add more fun.


  • After preparing everything, start the game. First, guide your kids to find the map.
  • Allow your kids to play by them. You can guide at the last if needed.
  • When your kids play individually then provide a copy of the map to each of them.