Things to Take Care While Negotiating a New Motorcycle Purchase and Shipping It

While you plan to shop for a new motorcycle there would be a lot of things you will need to take care of right from negotiating the purchase to getting it shipped safely.

Finding a motorcycle shipping provider

Once you have decided which bike to buy, your biggest challenge is to get it shipped. If the shipping is across the country, you need to find the best door-to-door motorcycle shipping company that can provide safe and reliable transport of your motorbike. Ship a Car, Inc delivers superior shipping services all across the US to people relocating their vehicles.

They ship all kinds of bikes ranging from cruisers, dirt bikes, adventure touring bikes, motocross bikes, sports bikes, scooters, to more. They are completely professional as they know the trust needed for a motorcycle shipping company so that your prized possession reaches safely at the location without any dents or scratches.

Keeping your bike safe

Avoid transporting your bike on your own unless you have extensive experience doing this. You might damage your bike or cause personal injury while loading, unloading, and shipping it.

Professional carriers like Ship a Car, Inc have specialized tools and equipment that will protect your bike more effectively in transit. They have enclosed trailers that are most suitable for long-distance shipping as they protect the bikes from weather and debris.

Provide the company with all the relevant documents beforehand. Inspect your motorcycle before loading and also while it is getting unloaded.

Now let’s see how to negotiate while making a bike purchase.

Difficult to negotiate on low range bikes

The most expensive motorcycles are pretty expensive almost the price of a middle-size sedan. The cheaper ones cost a few dollars but for the dealer, it holds no profit.

This is why the price of smaller bikes with fewer features is sometimes a few hundred bucks more than the dealer’s cost. Hence, it is harder to negotiate on low-priced bikes.

Good deals on old models

You can always get a good deal on the old models. Though these bikes are known as leftovers, they are perfect as the new models. They are less popular ones since they are not being sold in their model year. They can be wonderful if you know where to get them from and how to capitalize.

The dealer also wants such bikes to sell-off. You might not get the desired color but will surely get a good deal on the purchase.

Don’t Negotiate on Out-the-door prices

There are a lot of added costs beyond the motorcycle price like documents, preparations, and other fees.

All these are not controlled by the dealer so there’s no point in comparing them.

  • Try not to negotiate on your monthly payments
  • Understand the interest rate
  • Don’t stretch your loan term for shorter payments
  • It will add to the profits of the dealer.
  • Get more stuff like motorcycle cover, fluids, accessory installation.
  • Get the scheduled services in writing

Though you want to be a good customer ask as many questions as you want to the salesman. Get a good and satisfactory deal on your bike purchase.